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Extractivism Revisited. A panel with Laurie Palmer and Orlando Bentancor

November 13, 2017 - 5:45pm
PIGOTT HALL (BLDG. 260), RM. 216

Free and open to public

Guest speakers: Laurie Palmer (UC Santa Cruz) and Orlando Bentancor (Barnard College) 

Professor Palmer’s talk, "Sedimental Advocacy" will explore some of the contradictions involved in advocating for the rights of nature in courts of law as a strategy to stem the tide of extractive practices, and address the specific and local situation of “advocating” for an underground shale formation in a legal battle in Monterey County.

Professor Bentancor's talk "Wars Over Water: An Eco-Perspectival Approach" will discuss the struggle for political and environmental control of the Andean world and its relationship with the models with which water is conceived. These models, or modes of understanding the materiality of water are informed by ambivalent metaphors. By employing an eco-perspectival approach that shifts between ecological and economic symbolic formations, this talk will focus on the impasses that emerge out of the failure to master, dominate, and commodify water.


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Co-hosted by the Environmental Humanities Project