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Aug 15 2017
Since Fall Quarter 2014, materia has hold twelve workshops and a conference to date. The former averaged twenty-five participants; the latter had over seventy. During the first year, the group discussed--and coined-- the notion of “post-anthropocentric” as an umbrella term that sets in conversation...
Aug 11 2017
Power and the Non-Human.
Mar 23 2016 | Posted In: Of Interest
ARHIST 273 / FILMSTUD 273: "Visual Culture of the Arctic and Climate Change" Spring Quarter 2015-16, Tue/Thurs 10:30am-11:50am Instructor: Lisa Bloom
Mar 7 2016 | Stanford Humanities Center Boardroom | Posted In: Lecture
How did the American family become a machine? Starting in the 1950s a community of progressive mental health therapists, ethnographers, and artists around the Bay Area put forth visions of the modern American family as a cybernetic machine. Researchers including anthropologist Gregory Bateson,...
Mar 4 2016 | History Corner, Room 307 | Posted In: Lecture
Space reports back these days ― in a brutal way. While we are told that Europe's external borders have stopped to exist, old legal-political concepts loom in the background of the current discussion on the Decline of the West: mare nostrum, mare clausum, res omnium, and the (impossible) Nomos of...