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CANCELLED: Bill Brown – Re-assemblage (Theory and Practice, Art and Artifactuality)

Bill Brown's talk this Wednesday has been cancelled. Thank you to all of you who had confirmed your participation. We will keep you posted about a possible rescheduling later in the academic year. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on November 18th to discuss Pope Francis and Philip Drake! Contact Email:, […]

Guided Readings: Pope Francis and Drake

PIGOTT HALL, ROOM 216 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. In this meeting, we will be discussing Pope Francis's Encyclical on Capitalism and Inequality: On Care for Our Common Home (2015) and Philip Drake's "Marxism and the Nonhuman Turn: Animating Nonhumans, Exploitation, and Politics with ANT and Animal Studies" (2015). The encyclical is available for […]

Jacques Lezra – Uncountable Matters

PIGOTT HALL, ROOM 216 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Guest speaker: Jacques Lezra (NYU, Spanish and Comparative Literature) "Objects," writes Graham Harman, in an essay titled "I am also of the opinion that materialism must be destroyed," "are not a gullible fetish resulting from a sad, reactionary obsession with the manifest image. Instead, individuals […]

Anna Castillo – Queer of Color Post-Op Intimacy

PIGOTT HALL, ROOM 216 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Speaker: Anna Castillo (Stanford, PhD Candidate in Iberian and Latin American Cultures) This talk looks at the potential effects of biomedicine’s ever-intensifying intrusion into everyday sexual intimacy and suggests that genderqueer agency can manifest through body modification. As plastic surgery and sex-reassignment procedures have become […]

Dierdra Reber – Postneoliberalism as Posthumanism: Animal Commune-ism and Empathic Economy in Papal Discourse, Biology, and Latin American Film

PIGOTT HALL, ROOM 216 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Guest speaker: Dierdra Reber (Emory University, Spanish and Portuguese) This talk will explore the ways in which animal metaphor turns up in Latin American film from the 1960s to the present in the service of denouncing neoliberalism, elitism, and socio-ecological death, and, conversely, of propounding […]

Post-Anthropocentrism at Stanford: A State of the Question

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Thursday, May 12, 2016 - Schedule of Events Breakfast & Introductory Remarks | 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM | Stanford Humanities Center Boardroom Panel 1 | 9:00 AM - 10:50 AM | Stanford Humanities Center Boardroom Panel Chair: Zephyr Frank, Professor of History, Stanford "The Anthropocene and the Posthuman in […]

Discussion: Lamborghini’s Tadeys & Vieira’s “Sermão de Santo António”

In this session, we will discuss selections from Osvaldo Lamborghini’s Tadeys (1983/ 2005) and António Vieira’s "Sermão de Santo António aos Peixes” (1654). We will also discuss Terry Eagleton’s Materialism (2017). Our session will be led by Patricia Valderrama (Comparative Literature, Stanford) and Leo Velloso (Comparative Literature, Stanford).   

Extractivism Revisited. A panel with Laurie Palmer and Orlando Bentancor

PIGOTT HALL (BLDG. 260), RM. 216 FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC Guest speakers: Laurie Palmer (UC Santa Cruz) and Orlando Bentancor (Barnard College) Professor Palmer’s talk, "Sedimental Advocacy" will explore some of the contradictions involved in advocating for the rights of nature in courts of law as a strategy to stem the tide of extractive […]

From Land Reform to Data-Mining: A Panel on Literature and Accumulation

PIGOTT HALL(BLDG. 260),RM. 216 FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC   A panel with Monica VanBladel (Ph.D. candidate, Stanford University) and Zac Zimmer (UC Santa Cruz) A Liturgy of Land Reform This presentation takes up the question of liturgy and duty in Rosario Castellanos’s 1962 novel Oficio de tinieblas (literally, “office of darkness,” or Catholicism’s Good […]

Runakuna: Human, but not only

PIGOTT HALL(BLDG. 260),RM. 216 FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC RUNAKUNA: HUMAN, BUT NOT ONLY MARISOL DE LA CADENA, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Davis. She is the author of two major books: Indigenous Mestizos: The Politics of Race and Culture in Cuzco, Peru, 1919–1991 (2000) and Earth Beings: Ecologies of Practice across […]

Feminist Aesthetics and the Posthuman

PIGOTT HALL (RM. 216) FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC Chloe Rutter-Jensen, Universidad de los Andes Human Elements of the “Periodic Table”: Delcy Morelos and Posthumanism Current “cultural” products in the contact zone we call Colombia are a stimulating place to challenge the human as center of the universe. Morelos’s work, her co-creations, or better yet […]

Re-Assemblage: Theory, Practice, Form

PIGOTT HALL (RM. 216) FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC Professor Bill Brown from The University of Chicago, will be giving his lecture, “Re-Assemblage: Theory, Practice, Form”. In recent years, Professor Brown has been working at the intersection of literary, visual, and material cultures, with an emphasis on "object relations in an expanded field”, examining how […]

Art and History of the Digital Divide

PIGOTT HALL (BLDG. 260), RM. 216 Orit Halpern, Concordia University The Planetary Bet Volatility –extremes of high and low, temporal scales between the geological and digital, varying thresholds of toxicity, safety, poverty- these are the differentials that in contemporary societies are the very mediums for financial speculation and ubiquitous computing. This talk will examine how […]

Surfaces: On Van Gogh and Posthumanism

PIGOTT HALL (BLD 206) RM. 216 Reading discussion led by Romina Wainberg (Iberian and Latin American Cultures) and Helen Krueger (Art History). In preparation for the discussion, please read: David Roden’s “The Disconnection Thesis” and David Gervais’ “On Paint and the Paint Scenes”. Optionally, you are encouraged to read Sjaar van Heugten’s “The Colors of […]

Bartleby or the Bacchae? A Feminist Theory of Refusal

PIGOTT HALL (BLD 260) RM.216 "Where’s your spine?” we often say to those who seem to lack moral ‘backbone.’ How do such vertical metaphors limit and drive our imagination of refusal? Drawing on Adriana Cavarero’s work, Inclination, this lecture develops a postural analysis of refusal in the Antigone, the Bacchae, Thoreau’s “Walking", and Leonardo da […]