CFP: The Forum Prize 2016 on Ecologies

CFP: The Forum Prize 2016 on Ecologies


The Forum for Modern Language Studiesis inviting submissions on the topic of “Ecologies.” A selection of the CFP can be found below. For the complete CFP and the details of the prize, see here or download here.

Forum for Modern Language Studies invites submissions on the subject of Ecologies for the 2016 Forum Prize competition. The editors of Forum for Modern Language Studies invite submissions dealing with any topic pertaining to the theme of Ecologies, understood in its broadest sense. Authors may wish to address one or more of the following topics:

  • ecocritical (re)readings of literary texts
  • cultural representations of environmental concerns
  • conservation, management and protection
  • ecological and cultural sustainability
  • extinction and apocalypse
  • ecocritical (re)readings of space, place and landscape, from the wilderness to the city
  • new trends in nature writing: anti-pastoral, post-pastoral, urban pastoral
  • the aesthetic, or affective, dimension of environments
  • ecological and cultural diversity
  • comparative ecocriticism, and the challenge of a global ecocritical perspective
  • ecocriticism and ethics, animal rights
  • the organic, material ecocriticism, new materialism
  • ecopoetics
  • narratives of migration, displacement and alienation
  • localism, regionalism and bioregionalism
  • globalisation and cultural hegemony
  • the environment and the economy, consumption and consumerism
  • pollution and waste
  • the question of genre, from popular to highbrow, as well as digital culture, and the relationship between new environments and new forms
  • non-linguistic dimensions of ecocritical thinking, such as music, painting, sculpture and dance
  • environment, performance and contemporary artistic practice
  • communities, hierarchies and social justice
  • ecolinguistics, discourse analysis and linguistic diversity

The closing date for entries is Monday, April 4, 2016.

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