Héctor Hoyos – “All Tomorrow’s (Sub-atomic) Parties”

Héctor Hoyos – “All Tomorrow’s (Sub-atomic) Parties”


In this provocative lecture on El té de Dios (2010), by the Argentine writer César Aira (b. 1949), Hoyos focuses on a singular question: what can the Higgs boson, an Indian monkey God, and the Tea Party tell us about the agency of literature?

The talk will be in English, with bilingual materials. Lunch will be provided. The nouvelle and its translation can be downloaded below.

Héctor Hoyos has been an Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature at Stanford University since 2008. His book, Beyond Bolaño: The Global Latin American Novel (Columbia UP, 2015) analyzes Latin American novelistic representations of globalization. His current book project develops the concept of transculturation as a way of integrating new and historical strands of materialism in the study of narrative. The study focuses on post-1989 authors who rethink materiality, such as the Cuban José Antonio Ponte, the Chilean Alejandro Zambra, and the Bolivian Blanca Wiethüchter, among others.

Friday, January 15th at 12:30pm in Bolivar House

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