Materia 2019-2020 Calendar

Materia 2019-2020 Calendar

Building on our meetings from previous years, the main theme for the new academic year will be “Information & Form”

We have an exciting line-up of reading sessions and guest speakers joining us this year.



Oct 7:  Reading Session

Nov 4:  Borders & Technology double-lecture with Tom McEnaney (UC Berkeley) And Micah Donohue (ENMU)


Jan 27: Secrecy & Virtuality discussion led by Juan Esteban Plaza (ILAC, Stanford) and Jason Beckman (EALC, Stanford).

Feb 24: Asynchronous avant-gardes double-lecture with Chad Wellmon (UVA) and Justin Read (University at Buffalo)


March 30: Distringuished lecture by Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins University)

March 31: Intelligence & Spirit talk by Reza Negarestiani (The New Centre for Research & Practice) in conversation with Stanford Faculty.

May 11: Ethnographic Devices talk by Angela Garcia (Anthropology, Stanford) and Sandra Rozental (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana).

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