Materia 2020-2021 Calendar

Materia 2020-2021 Calendar

Building on our meetings from previous years, the main theme for the this academic year will be “Life & Transmission.”

We have an exciting (virtual!) line-up of discussion sessions and guest speakers joining us this year.


Oct 1:  Money & War: discussion led by Colin Drum (UC Santa Cruz) & Harleen Kaur Bagga (Stanford)

Nov 5:  Impolitical Critiques & Decolonial Grammars: double-lecture with María del Rosario Acosta López (UC Riverside) and Timothy C. Campbell (Cornell)


Jan 28: Light, Matter, Meat & Flesh: discussion led by Valeria Meiller (Georgetown) and Fabián Mosquera (Pittsburgh).

March 11: Uncontained Toxicity: double-lecture with Gisela Heffes (Rice) and Arndt Niebisch (University of Vienna)


April 15: Women’s Contributions to Digital Literacy: talk by Sybille Krämer (Leuphana University) with respondent Hank Gerba (Stanford)

May 13: Discussion led by Jameelah Morris & Reagan Ross.

June 3: Anthropodecentric Writings: talk by Jennifer French (Williams College) with respondent Javier Uriarte (Stony Brook).

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